Hidden Hive Flowers

allison & Matthew benkert


Family is truly the heart of our business.

Ali cherishes the memories of her grandmother's farm in Northern Minnesota, braiding dandelion chains in the meadow and hiding in the hay mow. Her exacting eye and precision craftsmanship come from a long lineage of artisans before her and guide every project she undertakes. She is vision, strategy, detail and sparkle.

Matt grew up in the bustle of the suburbs and is Midwest thru and thru. His parents fostered his sense of adventure and love of outdoors from an early age. Full of entrepreneurial spirit and mechanical know how, he keeps the wheels greased and the business rolling forward. He is enterprise, ideas, artistic direction and humor.

Our two toddlers keep us on our toes and provide boundless joy and laughter. Our precocious daughter, who can already distinguish a dahlia from a dianthus, is destined to be our CEO, while our gregarious son will be trailblazing the Marketing and Public Relations department.

Stay tuned to see our newest project the Chicago Flower Farmers Cooperative

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