Hidden Hive is a family flower farm and design studio rooted in Woodstock, Illinois. We specialize in growing beautiful, unique and heirloom flowers and elevate our blooms to create stunning floral artistry for weddings, special events and more. 


Our vision started with a tiny seed planted in 2004. We simply wanted to farm. And we have always been madly in love with flowers.

That tiny seed grew as we worked alongside some of the upper Midwest's best organic farmers. We explored a variety of different scales and agricultural systems and had many years to reflect on our own farm dreams. Hidden Hive Flowers is the incarnation of that dream. With little more than a wheelbarrow and shovel, and a whole lot of determination, we began our journey as flower farmers on our own little patch of land in 2013. Farming has been the calling that allows us to live a more authentic, meaningful and purposeful life. And flowers are what nourishes the soul. With each season, as our farm continues to evolve and we dream even bigger dreams, it brings us such contentment as it is... fields in bloom, the sun on our face and children by our side, beauty and wildness all around.


Our mission is to provide the region with the highest quality seasonal flowers, sourced from the finest seed, bulb and rootstock and cultivated using biodynamic and organic farming practices. We believe in a biodiverse, regenerative and holistic farm system, one that extends across fence lines, as nature is interconnected and harmonizes with both tangible and intangible forces beyond. We seek to embody a quadruple bottom line approach - spiritual, ecological, social and economic sustainability. 

Our goal as farmers is to help redefine the modern American family farm and be at the forefront of the Slow Flower movement in the upper Midwest.


on local flowers

We believe flowers are even more beautiful if you know where they came from and how they were grown. The local flower movement, much like the local food movement, encourages consumers to question the origins and impact of the flowers they purchase. For an an in-depth look at the commercial cut flower industry, Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart is a must read. While Jennie Love of Love 'n Fresh Flowers offers a heartfelt piece on the importance of local flowers in her Manifesto for a Better Bouquet.